Cemen Tech Environmental, with decades of manufacturing experience, is one of the world’s largest manufacturer’s of alkaline stabilization equipment and mixing systems. As employee owners of Cemen Tech, we take great pride in our work as we serve customers throughout the world. Cemen Tech’s state of the art design and manufacturing processes are geared towards producing the best alkaline stabilization equipment the industry has to offer. Cemen Tech appreciates the loyalty of their satisfied customers and we thank them for allowing us to earn their business.

Cemen Tech customers enjoy the benefits of a knowledgeable staff, state of the art engineering department, expert parts department and quality workmanship by a staff that is dedicated to the ongoing success of Cemen Tech Environmental and its customers.

We work with customers around the world, Cemen Tech Environmental was chosen to manufacture the alkaline stabilization equipment for a large biosolids project in Israel. They demanded the quality that only Cemen Tech can provide. You too can reap the benefits of the most trouble free and highest quality alkaline stabilization system in the world by calling us today!

Cemen Tech Environmental is a system of equipment and technology provided and has been manufacturing alkaline stabilization units and mixing systems since the 1980’s. Our manufacturing facility consists of more than 150,000 square feet and includes a variety of equipment lines.

Our Environmental division manufactured our first machine in 1988 for the City of Des Moines, Iowa. Since then, we have had equipment shipped to five different countries. We are expanding our systems to include equipment to heat dry manufactured products and mixing equipment to condition fly ash to control fugitive dust. More information about these equipment offerings is available by calling our offices.

Cemen Tech Environmental is a business division of Cemen Tech who is the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric proportioning and continuous concrete mixing solutions. Our mission is to develop the most innovative and advanced concrete production solutions based on our cutting edge technology, customizable products and superior support. As a 100 percent employee-owned company and a global brand for cost-effective on demand concrete solutions, Cemen Tech strives for excellence in every area of engineering, technology and support.